zondag 11 januari 2009

Roles - open canvas

As spellfinder, there are many roles I could play - or put in serious, adult and professional words, jobs I could fulfill excellently.

I have shown success in these roles:
- career counselor
- teammanager
- project consultant
- (blog)writer

Find out more about my experience in these fields under the matching label.

Here are the roles I'd love to apply my skills to, too:
- creativity coach/facilitator
- idea generator
- inspirator
- connector/postiljon d'amour
- verbalizer
- for print writer (topics: "local what's on", "how to", "parenting")
- philosophy writer
- script writer
- lyrics writer
- panelleader
- experimental psych researcher
- talk show host
- interviewer (written, video, audio)
- radio DJ
- accelerator
- negotiator

Under the matching label you'll find experience that shows by past experience how I would execute any of these roles.

Of course, I am a private person with private roles too. The privacy of my loved ones and myself is very valuable to me - we all need our breathing space. I do choose to publish some private information though - the sensitive, specific and appropiate reach of a hand is always welcome. Thank your for treating the information provided with that in mind, and feel fry to about my private roles under that label.

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