maandag 5 januari 2009


Just like any other human, I need food, shelter and (like any woman) some nice threads to doll me up (who said it was easy to look this good?!). So yes, money. (find my indicative rates here).

There can be other ways and reasons for us to join up, however. What I am looking for in any cooperative effort, is:

- creating value, something new,
- experimenting
- meeting and working with interesting people
- forming enduring relationships - work or play
- improving the world: make it a better place, with more joy, love, nature, (appreciation of) beauty and kindness
- trying something new
- inspiration by making things happen

Of course, we could barter, too. Check my current wishlist on We'll work out the fiscal details fine - I have an excellent tax specialist on speed dial.

Now, I am no empty vessel. I bring my own values to the table. I coach according to my personal set of beliefs. I think it is important, possibly vital for a functional synergetic relationship, to click on this level, or at least, to let you in on mine upfront, so you can make an informed decision. Find these values in my Profile section.

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