dinsdag 3 februari 2009


Yesterday we wrote together. Just four of us in a strip-lit community centre classroom. The white glare, the grey furniture, the uncomfortable chairs. None of us would make you turn your head on the street. Yet it was amazing! At a certain point, I took off my cardigan. I was getting all flushed because of our group thing.

After, I was exhausted, my mind reeling. This is it! What I want to do! This works! Exclamation points after every sentence, the enthusiasm filling my mind with ideas at a disturbingly explosive rate.

Of course, today worry starts taking its usual place, telling me: no room for fantasies!

But the thought of yesterday - we can all have our cake and eat it, too! - the hope, the glory in the glimmer of a future for myself in enabling people to team up in more powerful and satisfying ways - WOW.

A glimpse of treasure. I shall aim to let life's events strengthen my treasure hunt - let each surprise development reveal its next step, shovel up the next spadeful of fertile earth, allow me to sow my seeds of love, faith, belief.

Bring it!

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  1. I love that you are rolling with your "fantasy", which is actually your new reality, your dream becoming real.....

    Can I tell you something? Sitting in that room with three others acting on the same dream, that is my fantasy as well...... writing and writing and writing and thinking and envisioning........ideas neverending.....