maandag 4 april 2011

Home again - focusing: Presence, Felt Sense and Space

Monday morning blues after a weekend with the extended family. Which was sunny, fun, and slightly chaotic. I am happy the birthday girl liked her present. Clicking around listlessly, suddenly I find an answer that's been eluding me last week. Where does all the traffic to my TAE post come from?

Eureka! The source is the Greek Focusing website! The "Hellenic Focusing Centre" collect all things focusing using Scoop It. I am excited about this find and relieved that there's real visitors behind my stats. Honoured, actually, to have visitors from such a wonderful source. Thrilled that Focusing is very much alive. I remember my own "introduction to focusing course" in 2006 and my slight disappointment at the liveliness of focusing in the Netherlands. I had a feeling Focusing had blended into the more encompassing and somewhat woolly NLP, frankly. But now, I am happy to find that field is very much alive. At least internationally. I expect to be looking into it more.

Today, I stumbled upon this video by Akira Ikemi. It's brilliant and just under five minutes.

Ikemi's way of speaking is just as inspiring as the things that he says. Thoughtful. Creating, feeling the words as he utters them. Checking his audience for contact and reception.

One thing that moved me is how he says "focusing therapists trust the not-yet formed that's forming in the client." As opposed to other therapists, who do not trust the not yet formed, and will impose existing labels, theories and interpretations on the not-yet formed. Implicitly hindering the client's own creative abilities. This makes it so clear why, in some personal therapy sessions, therapists have angered me and sessions left me feeling more powerless, instead of empowered.

My absolute favourite, however: "Focusing is not a technique. It is not a skill. It is a characteristic of a relationship which values presence, felt sense and space."

What this sentence means to me? Why I favour it? Well, ehm - because of everything? It helps me know what I expect from (any) relationship. Why I may feel unfulfilled so often. And how I may deal with those feelings. Act or accept. The description helps with either one.

Thank you to Akira Ikemi for doing this work on focusing and to Simon Do for publishing this work online.

Enjoy your day!

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