maandag 27 juni 2011

Naked feet feel - factsheet

The author's physics and relevant specifics
  • She's 37 year old
  • Describes herself as "a lazy ass bitch who enjoys nature and wants to feel fit, but any activity must fit in effortlessly with family/work balance"
  • She's a mom of two, most recent pregnancy 11 months ago
  • Has about 7 kg overweight
  • Did some pregnancy yoga and pilates exercises
  • Postpartum she did more pilates + rope skipping to rebuild pelvic floor and inner abdominals
  • Daily errands are preferably done by bike (2 X 15')
  • She is a former amateur in classical ballet, sports climbing, shoerunning, yoga and pilates
  • And a wanna-be professional writer who takes inspiration from John Irving and Haruki Murakami, both excellent writers and runners.

What do you need to try this?

  • watch this video by Terra Plana
  • I like to run mornings. Getting dressed in my sports outfit is an excellent way to make sure I actually cross that threshold and go!
  • an excellent sports bra (depending on your bra size)
  • a low tech kitchen timer
  • if you are self conscious about your bare feet: some kind of camouflage, such as a stroller (with or without child inside)
  • sports tape
  • Compeed or generic blister bandaid
  • a nice spot to start, or a nice destination if you start from home

My training build up:
  • day 1: warm up and technique using video, 100x barefoot rope skipping, 4 intervals of 5' running, 5' walking
  • day 5: family run, 100x barefoot rope skipping, 4x5'5'
  • day 6: Zandvoort 2h clinic
  • day 7: home run, 5' run 5' walk, 10' run, 5' walk, 20' run, 5'walk (hurt my foot)
  • day 11: family run, 20'

Forming a habit
If you want to make this a habit, I suggest you:
  • join a running club
  • get a really cool outfit
  • get an explanatory t-shirt (including URL or Twitter alias)
  • decide on a schedule

Let me know of any other suggestions or to meet up. I haven't run myself since day 11, so ehr... habitforming is not my strongsuit. Help appreciated : ). Currently I am thinking, if our little girl seems to wake up at a staggering 5 or 6 am, I should probably head out straight away with her... will let you know if I manage!

I took a clinic from wouter Buist ( It was nice to get some personal feedback on my technique. But the information was not really new. Not a must if you have some background in any kind of training or sports.

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