dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Poll: choose my next blog!

Of course magic doesn't exist! Silly me. But I am still very keen on knowing what might please you, dear reader. My inspiration is boundless and I can write for days, weeks, years. However I must choose what to write first. That's where you come in - if you like.

Wanna take a poll with me?
Thank you!
The poll closes june 4th, I shall publish the winning article around june 11th.
Oh, and I do have a back up plan. In case no one takes part in the poll (no guilt trip intended!).

Poll: Choose my next blog title

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2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow! You guys. Overwhelming response : ). So far, 63 of you have come in and taken the time to click. 42 of you, dear readers, want to see (or read about) me running barefoot. Excellent stimulus for me to get busy, thanks! Am looking forward to feeling the grass and sand between my toes. Hopefully no glass or wood splinters, though...

    I have just watched this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jio7DK15Q1E, taken out a broom stick and jumped from a chair. After putting on my running bra (sorry about that detail). And am ready to go out!

    Am told that the first week, 5 minutes is max. So I'll be back before you read this, probably. All of this just to keep you posted. The real blog will follow as promised, june 4th.

    As for the Watchlyst blog. Since 21 of you have opted for that one, and I have a few stakeholders, be confident that blog will come up, too. If you are looking for a (different) job yourself, find more info on http://timsstrategy.com/watchlyst. You can enter my experiment, too, under certain conditions. Please drop me a line at tess[at]doucet[dot]com and we'll discuss details.

    Warm regards, and thank you for playing!

  2. I'm back! Already, it's a success on many levels. Curious about my "Muskelkater" aka muscle hangover tomorrow... Going for a quick errand on my bike as a cool down. More on june 4th! If I can keep it in that long ; )