dinsdag 4 januari 2011

Wishing you an honorful 2011

These holidays, we finally got to watch "the Blind Side" (2009). Aren't the best gifts those we would wish for ourselves? I presented the DVD to my brother in law, so we could watch it together.

Honor is my personal antidote to today's consumerism, decadence and depression. Or so was my insight when I stumbled upon "woede en tijd" by Peter Sloterdijk a few years back (translated as "rage and time"). This reminder is the icing on the cake "The Blind Side" provided me with.

The film has a wonderful story with excellent (Oscar winning) acting and leaves you with a hopeful message. The scene that reminded me of honor, is when Michael is struggling to write the paper he needs to win his grant. His "dad" Sean comes to his rescue by introducing him and us to a classic poem: "the charge of the light brigade" by Lord Alfred Tennyson. He helps Michael see that his own primary drive is: to lead an honorable life. Then, the essay more or less writes itself.

Thank you to John Lee Hancock for directing this film. This year, I shall try to live with honor and courage, to make the ones I love proud. Take risks and let no shame or fear of failure come between me and what needs to be done to reach for honor.

I wish the same for you!

Happy 2011 :)

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