vrijdag 8 mei 2009

Rediscovering NLP

Just arrived in the mail: Sociale Denkpatronen by Lucas Derks. He's an NLP forerunner over at IEP. Looking forward to a slow but thorough read & annotate (why else buy a book, not borrow from library?). Pencil and book ready at bedside.

Is where I also keep my iPod, charged with some guided meditations purchased at luisterrijk.nl. Mabel van den Dungen sells hers there. Brilliant combination of down-to-earth and spiritual. I also quite like the free ones by Jean and Jesse Stern at the meditationpodcast.com. I even made a donation last week! They really earned it, I have profited so from their work.

I really need these to help me unwind and stay focussed these days. Not only have I started work 4 days a week, a first since our baby was born; I am also completing my first assignment for my own company; and we decided to go ahead with that kitchen rebuild, since we'd done all the research and prep decisionmaking; so why waste that energy and momentum. Looking forward to 'camping' in our flat and hopefully, a brilliant new downstairs beginning of july, at the latest.

Thank god Florian is starting to sleep nights. He is, of course, amazing as ever.

I am starting to get back to some kind of social life - what is a new working mum to expect, actually? Have gone to dinner friday week, met with a friend also new mum (of her 2nd) today... well, hopefully Derks' ideas help me define some sort of desirable and attainable vision on that aspect of life, too.

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  1. Well.. two years later, nice to reread my own words. Since this blogpost pops up in my stats, apparently people are reading it now.

    I tried a "sociaal panorama" session, and have to admit: it was a disappointment. Probably, I had my hopes up too high. But still. I also tried a "familie opstelling" that same summer of 2009. Which was quite good, in hindsight.

    It really helped me let go some of my family issues. And *bonus* because I got my dear husband to join me, we have had quite a few laughs about some of the funny *fails* - the things people (including ourselves) said and did during the session. Mind you, I started crying like a running faucet the minute we entered the session room. For real.

    If you'd like to try, I'll look up the facilitator... Hm, can't find him. Was in Utrecht. Contact me if you want me to search some more.