zondag 31 december 2023

Inside the potluck cult

Finally, we have underground footage of the cornucopia any potluck situation always turns out to be.

Listen to the vegan activists as they plot their next move.

These events seem to occur almost daily in localities, spreading across the world like wildfire.

Do you hear them compliment eachother - on the food?!
The level of brainwashing is beyond. I heard one say they have never eaten as well, as healthy, as delicious as they have since they started frequenting these potlucks, as they call these gatherings.
I found this anon report here on Insta, the footage cannot be copied here, some kind of anon lock was placed perhaps?

I did manage to secure some pictures from the same cult, to help with targeting. Pic quality may be somewhat grainy, apologies.

Stay tuned, as we try to ascertain who the leader is.

Any help is widely appreciated, please contact me thru a coded message in the comment section. I am afraid to post my contact info here, apologies for the complexity of comms, please push through any way. It is imperative we get a handle on this terrorist cell.

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  1. No one ever responds here, BTW. I do read comments, you know?


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