donderdag 12 april 2018

Bye Bye Facebook

Yes... #metoo. 

I left Facebook as of April 9th 2018! That was a bit scary, but after four days I feel mostly free. I really had no time left to Facebook... especially since I started reading wonderful daily paper newspaper Trouw (currently I am hoping they'll take a firm public anti armstrade stance in the Trump/Russia/Syria warmongering that's going on). There's not even time to read that every day, yet I feel better and more effectively informed than before. Also, I love to support local people writing.

So, last sunday April 8th Arjen Lubach did with their #byebyefacebook item on the TV show, showcasing all the privacy/big data issues Facebook is responsible for... the hospital thing and the pixel button really hit me. Exactly the nudge to push me over my fomo (thanks team ZML). 

Still I was worried I would miss out, both attending, being in the know, and organising. However, I realized it was mostly fomo, and I had been clicking on *interested* more to reassure myself and please others, than to actually attend. Which gave me guilttrips and stress - for not attending. Oh, how those christian/judeo guilt norms are hardwired into my neural networks! Rewiring... yes. I am calm and free. Been tweaking my Twitter to suit me better and using it a little more. Also, considering Instagram, Google, Eventbrite, Meetup... but no new commitments yet. Looking at what I already had with fresh eyes, like Twitter, like this here blog, trying some things here and there... and we'll see where life takes me. More in real life going places and meeting people, that's for sure. It's already happening - and I am not yet sure there's such a big need for sharing all of that. 

Oh yes and I did install Signal (again), but this time I might get round to actually using it and dragging some peeps with me (and not minding losing the other Whatsapp groups). 

Enjoy your day, cheerio 😇😎