vrijdag 28 augustus 2015

Summer travel on a rainy August day in Elsenhove

The weather this summer has been so capricious... lots of rain in Amstelveen lately. Still, I had declined a ride to Speelboerderij Elsenhove; I just packed my poncho and scarf in my bikebag and off I went. Luckily I arrived dry: just caught a dry spell : ).

My bike did look a bit lonesome, the only one in the rack... No one else had come... by bike!

The kitchen of the cosy looking farmhouse, on the right afer passing through the gate, was filled with Indian looking children and their moms, happily munching away at some kind of yellow rice dish that filled their lunchboxes.

After meeting the others who were organising this afternoon of art, our pragmatic and warm coordinator Dorien showed me the space where I could do the Deep Field Relaxation with the group. Crossing between two buildings in heavy rain... I had imagined doing the session outside... but... oh well. It turned out to be a wonderful, spacious room with some tables and benches that would work brilliantly. I tested my "sound system" (iPad and Bluetooth loudspeaker). Everything worked and I was looking forward to an interesting afternoon! (Still a bit nervous, but not so much now).

After lunch, the children and moms went to collect things for their art project, while another volunteer helped me to further prepare the space.

Around 13.00, everyone started coming in, settling, finding their space. It was an energetic group... would they be able to calm down into a meditative state? When we were complete, I began...

It was a story about a royal child, who asked the King and Queen - its parents - for help, when some important questions ruffled it's mind. Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I?

The children were quiet as a mouse, their silence and attention made this big bubble... I was in complete awe, thoroughly and gratefully enjoying that moment.

In the story, the Kind and Queen suggested the child lie down with its head on the Queen's lap, and invite sleep.

In Elsenhove's room filled with children and moms, I invited them to do the same, while I put on some special sleeping music... I told them I would go round, touching your shoulders and heads, just like the Queen did with the royal child... let's see if sleep will come, and maybe dreams...and they did.

After about five minutes of quiet listening to the music, I started to walk around. Some children were seemed very relaxed, concentrastarted to get restless, want to move, get up, move around... thankfully, the moms kept them in check.

After I had gone round the room and visited everyone, I turned down the music, inviting everyone to come up, come back, wake up - in their own time.

We went on to paint and make artwork... and had wonderful surprising things come out! You can come take a look next Saturday september 26th, in gardencenter Life and Garden.