woensdag 10 november 2010

Ugg Repair

Oh no! A nasty rip (winkelhaak) in my new Uggs. Birthday present from my husband that I'd worn only a couple of times before the damaging trip to the petting zoo (kinderboerderij) in our borrow.

To no avail, I googled in search of proven repair methods. After a week or so of hurtful disappointment. Indeed, the schoenmaker someone consulted sighed: Uggs are not made for the street, and are in fact overpriced houseshoes. Such insults, true as they might be, I did not want to expose myself to.

Stumbling upon Sugru, the idea of using the silicone clay to repair my cherished sheepskin boots lingered for another week or so. Even though I tried to dismiss the idea, thinking a black blob would make my boots ugly, it kept nagging my brain.

Yesterday, it occured to me that silicon comes in transparent form as well. Aha! I would handsew my ripped boots and strengthen the seam invisibly with transparent silicon afterwards.

So I went to the hardware store (Praxis) this morning.

And started sowing this afternoon. I thanked my mom for borrowing me her leather needle (sorry mom, have had it for years now!), and myself for hanging on to that bourgeois thimble. Really needed both.

Tadaa! I don't even think I need the silicon reinforcing. Could have managed this weeks ago!