vrijdag 8 mei 2009

Rediscovering NLP

Just arrived in the mail: Sociale Denkpatronen by Lucas Derks. He's an NLP forerunner over at IEP. Looking forward to a slow but thorough read & annotate (why else buy a book, not borrow from library?). Pencil and book ready at bedside.

Is where I also keep my iPod, charged with some guided meditations purchased at luisterrijk.nl. Mabel van den Dungen sells hers there. Brilliant combination of down-to-earth and spiritual. I also quite like the free ones by Jean and Jesse Stern at the meditationpodcast.com. I even made a donation last week! They really earned it, I have profited so from their work.

I really need these to help me unwind and stay focussed these days. Not only have I started work 4 days a week, a first since our baby was born; I am also completing my first assignment for my own company; and we decided to go ahead with that kitchen rebuild, since we'd done all the research and prep decisionmaking; so why waste that energy and momentum. Looking forward to 'camping' in our flat and hopefully, a brilliant new downstairs beginning of july, at the latest.

Thank god Florian is starting to sleep nights. He is, of course, amazing as ever.

I am starting to get back to some kind of social life - what is a new working mum to expect, actually? Have gone to dinner friday week, met with a friend also new mum (of her 2nd) today... well, hopefully Derks' ideas help me define some sort of desirable and attainable vision on that aspect of life, too.