dinsdag 14 april 2009

Spells working

The hyacinth's time is already gone. Her smell takes me through the last bit of winter, the grey skies, the rain. Reminding me to look up, even to the clouds. There always is a hole, a patch of light, blue sky even. And of course the blue sky, a watered down view on the universes darkness. The same universe most of us fear so as it knocks on our inside doors, revealing itself as a black hole we must escape - denying ourself the marvel of its stars and eternal wisdom -

But I digress.

Time has moved in my favour and granted me my wishes and more.

Since march 16th, I have started in a new job - as a career coach - which has completely immersed me to the point of drowning - but now, I am starting to enjoy the power of my swimming strokes, the pleasure of being in the water, of being an active part of something bigger.

The first Spellfinder assignment has come my way, and I am trying to squeeze that in, too.

My colleagues provide me with such inspiration, the crossfertilization is going on in such doses I cannot keep up and write about it.

The writing class came to a successfull close march 16th - I am in awe of what the women shared and taught me. I shall leave this endeavour for a month or two, now, to allow myself time for settling in the new job.

I'll see about writing here, too - infrequently for the near future!