zondag 11 januari 2009

Roles - open canvas

As spellfinder, there are many roles I could play - or put in serious, adult and professional words, jobs I could fulfill excellently.

I have shown success in these roles:
- career counselor
- teammanager
- project consultant
- (blog)writer

Find out more about my experience in these fields under the matching label.

Here are the roles I'd love to apply my skills to, too:
- creativity coach/facilitator
- idea generator
- inspirator
- connector/postiljon d'amour
- verbalizer
- for print writer (topics: "local what's on", "how to", "parenting")
- philosophy writer
- script writer
- lyrics writer
- panelleader
- experimental psych researcher
- talk show host
- interviewer (written, video, audio)
- radio DJ
- accelerator
- negotiator

Under the matching label you'll find experience that shows by past experience how I would execute any of these roles.

Of course, I am a private person with private roles too. The privacy of my loved ones and myself is very valuable to me - we all need our breathing space. I do choose to publish some private information though - the sensitive, specific and appropiate reach of a hand is always welcome. Thank your for treating the information provided with that in mind, and feel fry to about my private roles under that label.

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maandag 5 januari 2009


Just like any other human, I need food, shelter and (like any woman) some nice threads to doll me up (who said it was easy to look this good?!). So yes, money. (find my indicative rates here).

There can be other ways and reasons for us to join up, however. What I am looking for in any cooperative effort, is:

- creating value, something new,
- experimenting
- meeting and working with interesting people
- forming enduring relationships - work or play
- improving the world: make it a better place, with more joy, love, nature, (appreciation of) beauty and kindness
- trying something new
- inspiration by making things happen

Of course, we could barter, too. Check my current wishlist on Marktplaats.nl. We'll work out the fiscal details fine - I have an excellent tax specialist on speed dial.

Now, I am no empty vessel. I bring my own values to the table. I coach according to my personal set of beliefs. I think it is important, possibly vital for a functional synergetic relationship, to click on this level, or at least, to let you in on mine upfront, so you can make an informed decision. Find these values in my Profile section.

Results - what to expect

Before we decide to cooperate, we must both see a value to be created through this cooperation. That means me, too. Check under Value to know what I am looking for.

For you, I aim to cocreate:
- an actionable vision (goals, targets, mission statement)
- flexible options or directions: how to get there (ideas for getting started, pointers, and how to keep on moving)
- movement (unblocking) and focus
- attention to details/conditions/process
- (duh) satisfaction

For examples, check under the label Case.

How do I find spells

Master and lover of many languages, I can give words to many unspoken and unconsious things, enabling movement in situations that seem stuck.

I am native Dutch speaker, speak and write fluent English, excellent German and some French and Spanish.

There's also images, music and bodily senses that I can call on to help. Activating all the senses is part of what I do - getting out of that ruminating mind by offering alternatives.

I use creativity enhancing techniques, such as mindmapping and solution focussed coaching.

Finally, there is the use of: the experiment. We shall not talk for hours, I shall help you design experiments to test the waters you want to sail. Through these experiments you shall find behavioral spells that help you get to where you want to go - what to do.

About this blog

I am sculpting, designing my professional persona here.
Whether it be to develop my own clarity of vision and focus, or to publicize it to you. Transparency is a given as I do the development in public.

I shall pour out aspects of this persona in posts using labels for categories:
- tool
- person
- role
- value
- case
- result
- experiment
- partner

Use the labels to read more about any topic.
For example, I shall outline my tools in posts labeled tool.
It is quite possible that the labeling will change in the future - I have to decide how to handle that when it pops up.

I hope you and I both find what we are looking for : )

Cheers, Tess